Hi :) Okay I have 3c hair type but, my hair is starting to thin out!! I'm only 17. My sides are fad

I am 17 and my hair is starting to recede and thin on the sides. I don't use any products for my hair at all because for one i don't have the money and for two, i don't have money to make home remedies. I live in a place where stores don't carry my type of products for my hair. I don't know what to do... i am lost. My hair is really frizzy but, like i said i can't afford anything at all right now.. Please, Can you help me?

1 Answer

Cut off your hair? I know that sounds crazy but if you really can't afford products just cut it short until you do. Coconut oil is pretty cheap and works well for culy hair. I am sorry, good luck x