Hi Shai, I'm recovering from heat damage, should I reshape my hair or let it grow out

A few months ago I went to a local salon for "professional" coloring because I wanted to have blonde halo highlights. And the stylist asked if I wanted to straighten my hair and I said sure since it wasn't a humid day. A few days later when I went to cleanse my hair there were tons of straight pieces in the mid section of my strands no where near the areas that were color treated. So I've been growing my hair out and cutting the damage gradually but I wanted to know if its just better to let it ago and reshape my curls.

1 Answer

i'm so sorry to hear. your stylist made a huge mistake by straightening your hair on the same day she bleached it. that is hairdresser no no!!! you should never straighten your hair unless you don't mind risking it not curling properly again. you can ruin your curls with just 1 blowout. damaged hair will continue to split towards your scalp so it's best to remove as much of the dead hair as possible and getting regular trims. in your case i would suggest small trims every 2 months until all the dead hair is gone. i've done many big chops and it's always a fun new look. you can see ideas to inspire you on my instagram at www.instagram.com/ShaiAmiel