After sleeping with wet hair, my curls are gone. Help? :)

I always go in the shower in the evening. When I've been showering, I have wavy hair type 2A. Then I go to sleep, hair is still wet. I do nothing to it, I don't put anything in it (because I don't know what to put in it), I don't brush it (brushing makes the waves disappear, especially when it's wet). When I wake up, it is frizzy (especially on top of my head, like tiny strands of hair standing up all over my head like it's static), it's tangled and it's not wavy anymore (it's not straight either, but the waves that are left are less noticeable, you can say the hair bends a little more rather than being wavy), and it's very flat (no volume). I have quite long hair, very thick and therefore quite heavy, and it gets easily very dry. So my questions are: 1. How can I keep my waves 'til the morning? Because my hair is clearly wavy when it's wet, but when it dries the waves reduces to be what looks like the hairstrands is only slightly bending once or twice 2. When I don't brush it, it's frizzy and looks unbrushed. How can I avoid brushing (since it takes away any waves I have or makes them strangely fluffy) but still have unfrizzy hair? 3. When it's tangled in the morning, how do I ''untangle'' it without brushing? Thank you for answers! //SaraP.S. I live in Finland, which means the air here is very dry and the weather can be quite cold, especially around winter (like now), if it matters :) D.S.

2 Answers

Sara,It sounds like you are in need of some moisture for your waves, especially with the weather being dry cold. I recommend washing and conditioning your hair as normal, but when you get out of the shower use a leave-in conditioner on towel dry hair (about a small coin size). Focus on the ends of your hair and then proceed up to the middle of your hair. Be careful not to put it on your scalp. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair, then scrunch from your ends upward towards your scalp. This will enhance your waves while they are wet.On keeping your waves 'til morning I would suggest braiding your hair. It is difficult to keep full definition of loose waves once you sleep on them. If you don't want to braid your hair I would say you could spray your hair with some water in the morning to refresh your waves. After you get your hair slightly damp re-scrunch your hair. I would say use a little bit of mousse to really enhance them, but it's not completely necessary. To cut down on frizz I would suggest sleeping on a satin pillow case.I would say never brush your waves! Always use a wide tooth comb, it's a lot more forgiving especially if you use a leave-in. In the morning when you are untangling your hair use your fingers. Put a few drops of hair oil or serum into the palm of your hands and rub them together. This will help with frizz while your finger detangling. Take small pieces of your hair and pull apart where there seems to be tangles. Be gentle while you do this. This should help with the detangling process with out leaving your hair frizzy and messy.I hope this answered your question. Best of Luck!
Thank you so much for your answers, they were very helpful! I've tried what you suggested, and the tips have helped me with my problem; my hair is more wavy now and I can keep it that way for a longer time. So thank you! :)