Hie can i make my scalp stop hitching me?!

Everytime two days after wash day my scalp start itching me. Even though i moisturize it a lot, sleep with a satin bonnet on. And it's even wordt when i put sew in, box braids, or any other protectives hairstyles. And because of that i got to keep my protectives hairstyles for less then a month and when there out, deep condition every day. Is there a solution for itchy scalp??! 

4 Answers

It could be that your scalp is dry and flaking. If so, dandruff shampoos would work well against flakes. Not sure if it's the best for your hair, though.
I've had terrible scalp issues for about 25 years.  I was on YouTube and saw a lot of people talking about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  Basically mix 1 part ACV with 3 parts water in a spray bottle and spray onto your scalp and massage.  Once I've done my whole head I usually it sit on my scalp for about 30 minutes.  I then rinse it out and follow with co-wash.  I must warn you, it does smell which is why I follow with a co-wash.  Some people work in sections, but I don't because my hair is so short.  It does the trick.  No more itching, flaky scalp.  Usually immediately after shampooing my hair (whether at home or the salon) my scalp looks dry and starts to flake, but not since I've been using ACV.  I've tried plenty of dandruff shampoos and going to dermatologist, and all kinds of cremes and grease to try to stop the flaking, but the apple cider vinegar has worked like nothing else has.  I swear by it.  When I first starting using it I did the treatment once a week, but now I do it once a month just to maintain.  Hope this helps.
I think selsun blue works really well for that. They have one specifically for naturals. Also I don't think you should deep condition every day, just make sure to oil you scalp still
Apple cider vinegar rinses & Hot oil treatments are my savior! I would co wash, heat up some extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, honey for a couple minutes & message my scalp throughly. Next place a shower cap & sit under my hooded drier for 20 mins to get the oils to penetrate my hair. After rinse and pour rinse (1 cup Apple cider vinegar,1/2 cup of green tea, 1 teaspoon tea tree oil or rosemary oil) from scalp to tip & let sit for 15 mins. Finally rinse with cool water and style as normal. Hope this helps!