How best to dry my hair/let it dry?

I don't exactly know what type my hair is, it's hard even with the quiz to be honest so if someone could tell me that would also be great. But basically (i'll attach the best picture I can find of a 'good' hair day) it's long and all one length (I've never had layers) and isn't actually curly at the roots (I'm not sure if that's just because it's long and all one length, though, as I've never had it any other way) and forms sort of long ringlets that can occasionally go a bit /too/ tubey (I call them sausages when they do that) but I've got the type of hair that's not particularly thick (not thin either, but I think my individual hairs are quite fine) and it's quite easy to straighten (I didn't actually realise it was curly until a couple of years back when I let it air dry on holiday because it was too hot to blow dry it, I always used to blow dry it straight) to the point where even if I sleep on it weirdly it's pulled out all of the nice ringlets and I get these really annoying bits at the back which don't curl properly, I think that might be to do with the no-layers thing?I usually leave it to drip dry and use the Boots own-brand (UK) curly hair mouse in the bright pink can, with periodic scrunching with a towel to stop it dripping absolutely everywhere, but recently I've been overloaded with AS level revision so while I'm working I don't want it dripping all over my work and I can't be stopping to make sure it's all being obedient. So I've just been putting in plaits when it's wet to get it out of the way, however I'm really really rather sick of that, for obvious reasons.I have tried plopping. It did not work. It actually made my hair straighter? it was bizarre, I left it in overnight and took it out when I woke up but there were strands that were kinky, others that were straight, wavy, kicking out at the ends in every direction fathomable, and there was on massive ringlet at the front of my hair (not massive as in with lots of hair, when I say massive I mean it had the circumference of a standard mug) I thought perhaps I'd just plopped it wrong, like maybe I'd put my head down but all my hair wasn't curled it up was pulled straight, but I tried it again and took it out too early, made the mistake of going into the kitchen while the roast dinner was cooking to do some homework and hence it dried super quick and went all fluffy and horrible. SO I don't know if I'm doing it weirdly or if it just doesn't work for all hair types? the only people I've seen demo it have different curls to mine I think, I have not seen any 'tubey' curlies about Is there a way to dry my hair, with it off my face, keeping it curly/enhancing curls, without it going frizzy, that's not too much faff? Also, would the fact I've been putting in plaits for so long have made it get used to that, and maybe meant it's not wanting to curl so much at the moment, would that affect it at all? would I have to let it dry normally for a bit to let it 'spring back' so to speak? Sorry for the essay but I thought if I wasn't more specific I'd probably just get the same suggestions that I've already tried. Thanks! :D

2 Answers

A lot of curlies have good luck with diffusing their hair til it's about 75% dry and then air drying the rest. 
I use the Hair Repear towel that you can find on Etsy and on Amazon  to scrunch and squeeze out a lot of the water without causing frizz, then I diffuse to about 80 percent and let it air dry if I'm not in a hurry. The right towel makes a HUGE difference in getting excess water out of your hair without causing frizzies so that you can either diffuse or air dry.