How can I get my type 3C hair to become thicker

2 Answers

Is your hair naturally fine? Or did it thin out over time? If it's naturally fine it might be harder to change.There's no 1 magic product that will make your hair thicker, but there are things you can incorporate into your regimen. You will need to increase your protein intake, so eat eggs, legumes and cottage cheese. You can also shop for hair products with protein in them. Here's a good place to get started. Also, some people swear by biotin and say it makes their hair thick, strong and long. But be sure to do your research before buying it. Last tip for you: not sure if you flat iron a lot, but if you do definitely cut back on the heat. Heat can cause hair to thin. When I ditched the flat iron for 3 months I noticed my hair was thicker and overall healthier. Good luck!  
Try biotin or Viviscal.