How can I grow out my hair long quickly? I have type 3b

2 Answers

The sped of hair growth is genetically predetermined. The only true way to grow out your hair is to be patient and focus on length retention. Your hair will always grow, but it can break off before you notice growth. Keep it moisturized and avoid all heat and chemicals. Avoid too much manipulation.
No need to worry, every curly goes through this at some point in time. One thing that has been heard to really help with growth is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Here's an article on the main points of why it works:, I like to use Vitamin E Oil. It helps the blood in your scalp circulate, which promotes healthy hair growth as well. Ampro has an inexpensive vitamin e-based oil here: also recommend hair vitamins with Biotin in them. Check out what ppl have to say about these popular brands:Hair Essentials