How can I make low porosity hair moisturized?

I've tried some home recipes, and it's effects will last for only a day and a half. Then it goes back to feel thick (even though its density is medium) and dry - mostly in the roots, then the hair bel. Mid hair is normal, and when it reaches the ends it is a little dry.Remember I have low porosity!What if my hair is actually greasy in the roots? Should I start washing my hair every day instead of every two?

2 Answers

It may be the products you are using. Maybe you should try switching them up a little to see if that helps any before resulting to more washes.
Heat caps! I had such a hard time getting any results with deep treatments no matter how many I tried, until I tried the thermal hair wrap. Loved the results, hated that particular tool, but I have since found a thermal cap I like better (gold n' hot conditioning heat cap). I keep it on the low setting, maybe medium every once in a while for a few minutes, no more. It makes a huge difference in how effective my treatments are!