how can i make my 3b/3c hair less afro and stretch the curls more?

i want my hair to be fully 3b loose curls my hair is afro'y and the curls get smaller by the end of the day?.any products that can make my hair  

2 Answers

Watch and do.. this works for me every time. Finger coiling... moisturizing leave in and gel will give this look on 3b and 3c hair. ouidad climate control gel loosens the curls.
Yes there is!!!  I have 3c hair and have GREAT success with the following products:1.  Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream - EXCELLENT.  Really lengthens curls.  Best when applied to very wet hair, and rake through thoroughly.2.  Camille Rose Curl Maker Gel - GREAT PRODUCT.  Works very well. - Again, I feel it works best on my hair when applied wet.3.  Kinky Curly Curling Custard - This really gives amazing length to your locks!!!  It works SUPERBLY.  Give this a try!!!  Best when applied to wet hair.4.  For added length, stretch your hair when dry with a hair dryer from the roots.Hope these products help you!