How can I make my hair less curly?

I've got fine hair, with a roughly 3A curl pattern. In some places, 3B.A few years ago, my curl pattern was much looser--I would say about 2B. After much scrunching, my hair has become curlier, but now I want it to go back to being wavy. I'm not scrunching my hair anymore and I'm currently using large foam hair rollers as my hair routine, although it's extremely inconvenient. It's worth it, because my hair isn't as curly when I use them. Is there a way I can make my hair less curly, but using natural ingredients or something other? Although getting a perm/getting it chemically loosened is the last thing I would do (because it's harmful! :E)As a side note, I'm 15 years old, and I'm thinking puberty possibly contributed to my curl pattern changing? D: But still, I want my hair to be less curly.Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

Hello,Your answer is yes, You can make your hair less curly with the help of hair straightener. You can use the hair straightener to make your hair curly which will automatically make your hairs less curly as how much as you want.But in hair curlers or in automatic hair curler, you have no option to less hair curl as they will curl your all hair properly without any hair left.So, better go for the hair straightener to curl your hair. You can read more about how to curl hair with hair straightener at