How can I PREVENT thinning ends?

I have a 100% natural regimen; no sulfates, no silicones, no parabens. I wear my natural curls 100% of the time and I have no frizz so I know I moisturize properly. I also wear a loose bun when I sleep to protect my curls. But for some weird reason, I have insanely thin, transparent ends, especially in my under layer of hair!! I know the only way to get RID of them is to cut them off, but how do I PREVENT them? What causes thin ends? What should I avoid doing to keep my ends thick? 

2 Answers

seal your hair with oil, and make sure you deep condition regularly (I do like once a week).
also, consider a hair/health supplement or vitamin that promotes hair growth. anything with biotin in it is what you should look for. here's a helpful article i found: