How can you tell if you have split ends at the ends of your hair? I can't tell

2 Answers

The ends would be very dry and almost appear lighter in color. If you stretch out a hair or small section, you will be able to see a split, appearing as tapered or a fork.
A split end is just as the name implies; It is a strand of hair that is split at the end. Split ends should be trimmed off because they can snag on other hairs( healthy hair strands ) and cause tangles. JessiiLeighh is also right about the ends appearing thinner. Split ends makes the ends of the hair look wispy and and these ends may have a rougher texture due to the damaged( split ) hair strands. Sometimes, a person may have only a few split ends and the majority of the strands will be healthy. In such a case, only the split strands should be trimmed.