How can you treat breakage?

2 Answers

Is your hair breaking from the middle, ends or from the root.First thing you need to remember is that hair is dead once it's out of the follicle. This means broken hair cannot be repaired.If it's breaking or shedding from the root you need to go to your doctor for a full health check.If it's breaking from the ends then your hair is likely to be over processed and the best thing to do is go for a trim. If your hair is breaking from the middle then you will need to look at your hair care routine.  You will need to:1. Eliminate heat from your routine2. Stop combing  your hair when dry3. Stop brushing your hair full whether it's wet, damp or dry.4. Avoid the use of products with alcohol in them5. Handle your hair gently for example only use wide tooth combs.6. Use more conditioning products.
Stronger hair throughout - without oils but 18 MEA to rebuild, try Scientific Essentials Conditioner or Geyut's