How do I deal with my new curls?

I have always had wavy hair, with more ringlet curls in humid areas, but after a serious illness I lost most of my hair. It has grown back, but now it's curly!  I'm not sure how to take care of my new hair.  I think it is now 3a, but was heading for 3b until I cut it, just not sure how to manage my new hair. Please help!  I'm thankful for my new curls and want to take good care of them!

1 Answer

Hopefully this finds you in the best of health and welcome to the curly community.  With curly hair you want to make sure it stays moisturized so it doesn't become dry and frizzy, which it does very easily. Pick out a conditioner of your preference one for moisture and one for protein and alternate between the two so your hair stays hydrated and strong, you'll retain length and healthy hair when those two are balanced. Next when detangling and styling your hair be extra gentle because its easy to get tangles and knots when you're too rough or aggressive with your hair. At night wrap your hair up or pull it in a soft high ponytail to the top of your head so that the friction from sleeping doesn't pull your hair out. Everything is trial and error when learning your hair so don't be afraid to try certain things, have fun experimenting. Good luck with your new curls.