how do I do a pineapple on short hair?

3 Answers

what exactly is the pineapple style? ive heard about it a few times now on this site.
I'm not sure if you can pineapple short hair because you have to put it in some sort of (high) ponytail which is hard for us naturalistas with the shorter hair. Although I think there might be a way you can use a scarf to pineapple. You can look on YouTube for videos on that. 
You can always use four or five ponytails instead of just one high one. I know that works for some people to keep their style stretched and contained at night. Like this: You can see that the ponytails don't all have to be on top of your head. Here is another one: Here, you might skip the ponytail and just use a scarf if you can't gather all your hair into a ponytail yet.