how do i dye my afro without damage ?

3 Answers

I dyed my hair myself using clairol textures & tones. I did a lot of research before I colored my hair. I looked at many videos/sites/product info (check out youtube!!!). The reason why I chose this brand is because it had the color I wanted and also is has no ammonia which means its less harsh on your hair. This brand is a permanent dye but there is also other brands that have no ammonia OR you can use a semi/ demi permanent dye on your hair as well.I colored it the 1st time around Thanksgiving and I didn't leave it in long enough to make it as bright as I wanted so I colored it again around Christmas and I haven't had any issues with my hair. I still use the same routine for caring for my hair (3b/c texture). if you want to see my hair currently, instagram: alicialeash- its an public profile
Henna tends to be less damaging than other colorants, I think. 
Girl.... When you know, let me know. I think when you decided to dye your hair even, if its one of the most natural products in the world... there will be chemicals, there will be damage, even if only a little. The GOOD news is, it aint irreversible, if you stay aware from the harsh stuff. Try Shea Moisture. It's bomb.