How Do I Grow My Hair Out?

I Have My Hair Up To Mid Back. I Cut Into Layers A Couple Months Ago. Mistake I Made. But I Also Have These Dry Ends Cause I Died Them Blonde And They Still Are Blonde But Dry. I Just Want Some Tips To Grow My Hair Out Longer. I Always Wanted Lonng Curly Hair. My Hair Was Verry Long But I Cut It Years Ago. Help?

2 Answers

The best way to grow your hair is to focus on length retention. The speed of your hair growth is in your DNA, it cannot be altered by a product. Hair will always grow, as long as there is no disorder preventing it from doing so. Cut off ALL of your damaged ends, and work on preventing further damage by doing protein treatments, deep conditioning treatments, and stopping all heat damage and chemicals. When your ends are healthy, they won't break off, and you will see fast hair growth.
Be sure you're eating  healthy diet, too, as this can ensure your hair is growing at its maximum potential. Some curlies have had luck with biotin and with Viviscal.