How do i make my natural hair look nice??

I have 2a or 2b hair, depending on if i comb it or not. It has low porosity, high density, a course width and about down to my chest. How do i take care of my hair? No matter what I do it is always a frizzy horrible mess and nothing seems to work. Iv tried olive oil, coconut oil, various drugstore products, apple cider and vinegar. I don't use heat on my hair (curling or straightening) so it is pretty healthy, just it looks a mess. It also tends to "poof" out because I have so much. Any and all advice is appreciated 

2 Answers

Have you read about the no-shampoo method? I think that's always a good place to start.
I have a different curl pattern, but it's best to find products based on your hair properties anyway. You need to do some research on the curly girl method. You have low porosity like me and build up can be a big problem because products have a hard time soaking in, so they sit on top. You need to use water-soluble products, so NO silicones or waxes, and stay away from heavy butters. Also get a sulfate free cleanser like devacurl low poo, some l'oreal ones, shea moisture is usually good, giovanni products are nice too. When moisturizing, heat is your friend because it opens the cuticle. Get a hair steamer, or a heated cap, or maybe even use your blow dryer. As for styling products, i would recommend a high hold gel, like LA looks sport for better control. It is also water soluble (silicone free). Get a silicone free conditioner like tresemme naturals. You want something lighter, but still pretty moisturizing.