how do i repair my hair after bleaching?

ok so i have curly hair and i bleched my hair from the middle down and now my hair instead of being curly is straight!! i want my curls back and this has never happend before when i bleached.. (i think its cuz i went to the salon and did it)... i would like to know how to repair my hair to get back my curls from the middle of hair downwards please and  thank you

2 Answers

Shampoo infrequently, and when you do shampoo, use a gentle shampoo free of harsh sulfates. Deep condition once a week. Don't use heat or any other chemicals on your hair. Keep your fingers crossed!
this happened to me when i did a keratin treatment (like 2 years afterwards) from the middle of my hair downwards aswell, the looked like rat tails! i tried everything; though olive oil helped a lot, i didn't really have a choice and cut them off 3 days ago!