How do you deal with itchy scalp? Even on wash day my scalp itches.

3 Answers

It's possible that something environmental is causing your itch. Have you tried different shampoos/conditioners/styling products to be sure there isn't an ingredient in the one you're using now that causes your itchy scalp? Your scalp may be extra dry, causing it to itch. Try using small amounts of an all-natural oil such as jojoba, olive or coconut to soothe your scalp and restore moisture.
Try sulfate!
Chlorine in the water you wash with irritates and dries the skin. Consider adding a chlorine filter to your shower.  It's costly but made a huge difference to a many year problem.  Also, you probably know that curly hair is more dry and chlorine makes it worse.  Dry hair suggests dry scalp then it itches.