how do you wash your hair with braids in?

3 Answers

If you are referring to box braids, I can help. That's how I'm protective styling for the winter.1. Dilute your wash (conditioner if you are co-washing, shampoo if not, acv if you are doing an acv rinse) in a spray bottle. Set aside2. Section your braids into about 4 or so sections3. Spray section with regular water to dampen it.4. Spray on the diluted wash to one section, Gently massage into scalp. *Tip: Don't cause too much friction. This will lead to unnecessary frizz 5. Spray with water to rinse out wash. *Tip: Hold the section with one hand. Make sure the hair is not hanging loosely when wet. The weight of the synthetic hair might cause breakage. 6. Spray diluted conditioner on to hair. Let it sit and then rinse out. 7. Dry and moisturize scalp and hair.Tips to prevent frizz after wash: 1. Dry partially with a t-shirt2. Add your favorite non-drying gel to the hair. This lessens the effect of frizz that may come.
Wow that sound good. since I was little I never washed my braids bcuz I always thought it would mess the braids up. I would litterally go a month or two w/o bad i know! never again thanks to this post :-)
They also have dry shampoo. less time consuming. I learned about dry shampoo a couple years ago.