How often do you wear your hair down?

3 Answers

Every day until recently. I've been natural for 2 years (but spent the first 6 months transitioning) and I can truly say that the twist-out is the foundation to growing my hair. I really don't know what length my was after my mother finally finished cutting the relaxer out (it may have been shoulder length, I didn't start checking my length until after the first year) but in a year's time my hair grew from whatever length it was to bra-strap length.For me, twist-outs are an extremely low-manipulation style. Twist with Smooth n' Hold Pudding after washing, take down twists the next morning, and then at night simply put my hair up into a pineapple (a pineapple is basically just a super high ponytail). Jump around shaking my hair out in the morning (I call it my 2 minute cardio warmup) and I'm absolutely done.Over the summer, though, I didn't really do twist-outs because I swam so much. So now I've gotten used to having my hair up so I prefer it up rather than down when in its natural state. The twist-out is still, though, and will always be the foundation for my hairstyles. After I wash my hair I either twist it or french-braid it, then in the morning I'll put it up. The reason why is because twist-outs and braid-outs stretch my hair and give me soft, bouncy, pliable curls.
I want to add that twist-outs and braid-outs don't work for everyone, and some naturals find wearing their hair down to be damaging to their ends. My hair is moderately thick and it doesn't break easily unless it has too much heat applied to it or I'm too rough with it. However some people's hair breaks easily and so their ends may get damaged easily from being worn down.
Every day. Well, if I'm doing second-day hair, I'll clip it back a little bit so it's not hanging in my face.