How should i keep my hair whilst its drying? like is it best to keep it in a bun, ponytail or down?

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if you shower in the morning down is best, but if you shower at night the pineapple is better

It really depends on your hair, but a pineapple works really well for a lot of curlies. A pineapple is a very loose ponytail on top of your head (it looks like a pineapple). Most people use a scrunchy and just loop it around the hair once so as not to create a crease. 

curly hair is extremely fragile and susceptible to breakage, especially when wet!!! Reduce as much damage as possible by leaving it down, putting it in a bun or ponytail will temper with your curl pattern

Down, for sure.  You don't want it to end up drying in a funny pattern. 

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