how To Care my hair under Weave

I would like to know how to keep my hair healthy under weaves and inside of braids / Senegalese twist  . I always wear these things . mostly because I don't like how I look with my short Afro type of hair so I leave it in weave and other protective styles to grow it out. I don't usually do much to take care of my hair under weaves I wash at least every 2 weeks and that's about it , any tips or suggestions for what else to do to keep my hair healthy under these weaves?

2 Answers

Even though your hair is in a weave/braids, you should keep your hair moistured and clean(washing every two weeks is fine).  Right now I have twists in a very sexy latge bun and my regimen is washing gently every two weeks with a net (so my hair doesnt get too fuzzy) and I use a hot oil treatment to make sure my hair is getting enough nutrients.  O spreay my hair daily with an amazing moisturizing spray by Just 4 Kinks ( and when it is time to remove my twist, i experience very little breakage and my hair is super soft.  Let me know if you have any other questions as I am a lover of hair and have been styling hair for over 12 years.
Use a protein treatment to repair your hair. use it every few weeks until it is better.