How to control friz and eliminate dandruff?

I have very thin hair and my curls are sometimes uncontrollable. I work on the weekends at a small store where we make subs and all kinds of other foods. I find myself showering when I get home every night to get the food smell out of my hair and the grease from the grill but I have also noticed that all of the washing has made my hair extra frizzy and I have noticed dandruff. I also have to keep it up for work and most of the time my hair is still wet when I get there. During the week when I don't work, I wash my hair every other day and I try not to use conditioner every day. Any tips on how to save my hair? It drives me nuts! Thanks :)

1 Answer

washing that much is you problem. shampoo clean but also takes moustuie out of your hair causing it to be dry and frizzy. and not conditioning after shampoo is a very bad idea because conditioner is what control frizz. you should shampoo sunday and wensday make sure to condition after that. this will get rid of dandruff and frizz. use leave in conditioner and to really get rid of frizz and dandruff you should deep condition. just simply sit with conditioner in you hair for at least 15 min.message me back when you get this and i hope it helps.