How to fix my really damaged curls

I've been bleaching, dying, and straightening my hair since I was 14 [I'm almost 21 now] and I have just recently decided to let my hair be natural. But, my curls just haven't been the same the past few months and I am looking for a good product to help restore it to its natural beauty. I am doing the coconut oil treatment once a week, I have SheaMoisture that I just bought and am trying to use, and I am going to go 'No Poo' starting today. None of the other products I used these past few months have any sulfate or cone in them, I don't know what else I can do. Someone please help!!I have type 3A hair, high density, about shoulder length, and low porosity [I think..]

3 Answers

Sounds like you're off to a good start in restoring your hair. You should also get a trim...the more damage cut off the better your hair will be. Don't use heat on your hair, or brush it when it's wet. Both can lead to breakage and split ends. Also, eat healthily, and drink a lot of water. :)
Unfortunately, only so much can be done to repair overprocessed hair. You may need a good cut to get rid of some of the damaged hair. You also should make sure you're deep conditioning with products that contain a lot of butters and oils. Your hair needs moisture right now. You're definitely doing the right thing by avoiding cleansers with sulfates and I would continue to use cleansing conditioners and sulfate-free shampoos. You probably want to give your hair a rest from the straightening and coloring until it gets stronger.
You need a nice big chop. Keep moisturizing your hair and doing protein treatments until your hair is grown out enough to be a bearable length for a big chop. I'm referring to the undamaged hair/new growth. That's what you want to grow in long enough. Sounds terrifying, but your hair will grow out fast because the ends will be healthy and won't break off; it's the best thing I ever did to my hair. As it grows out, keep trimming it to get rid of some damage by the time you take the real plunge. Your hair is most likely too far gone to regain your natural curls fully. You also should take into consideration that hair texture can change about every 7 years, so your texture might have loosened a little naturally as well. Some people forget to look at that. But good luck!