how to get curls back ?

back in 2011, i had very, VERY, tight curls . they were honestly the best, but, back then, i hated my curls . my hair was always straighten & i've dyed / bleached my hair a few times . now, my curls are just, eh . they're very loose . i was wondering.. is there any way to get my tight curls back ? any products, or remedies ? i really regret doing all of that damage to my hair . please help !

2 Answers

Transitioning will help.
The extends of the damage you have done is irreversible the only way to help is by cutting and starting over. I had to do it to my hair and the only thing I did was straightening my hair and I only did it 3 time a year for 5 years and it cause so much damage that I had to cut it of and start all over :(((.