How to i manage my fine yet SUPER curly hair?

My hair is incredibly high maintenance and i can't seem to find the right techniques for it. I have very fine fragile strands, but my curly form is super duper tight coily curls. It's like having insanely curly spiderwebs for hair, detangling is a nightmare! My hair tangles and knots so easily, and i have so many single strand knots its ridiculous. Detangling takes like 45 minutes in the shower, by the time i'm done the water's cold, and i have a handful of hair that came out. I rarely shampoo, i oil rinse, i detangle with a wide tooth comb and my fingers, i use a leave in them seal with coconut oil. A lot of the time i put my hair up in a ponytail, but sometimes i do a wash and go. During the winter i did braided protective styles, but all that manipulation of brushing and braiding gave me lots of single strand knots and broke lot of my hair. I do a protein treatment with avocado and mayo like once a month, and henna every few months.I'm just at a loss for what i can to do avoid breakage and single strand knots. how do other people with fine but curly hair deal? I need help!

1 Answer

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