How to make my hair longer?

Easy question, but i really don't know any natural recipes or remedies. My hair is short at the bottom than the top which is really annoying, i want longer hair. What can help my hair on growing?

2 Answers

It's tough. There's no miracle trick to make your hair grow longer, but with time and patience your hair will grow. We have a lot of articles about hair growth. I recommend eating healthy foods that will help your hair and nails grow, see this article. Then use products and oils that will stimulate circulation...this is the key to growing long hair. Read this article. And make sure you're not doing anything that will inhibit flat ironing your hair too much. Check out this article to see if you're in the clear. Good luck! 
Hey:) I think your should know that no product will make your hair grow, plus this takes time depending on the person. You should eat lots of protein and massage your scalp every night to stimulate growth. To help your hair stop falling out, I suggest you taking some vitamins, like E, D and definitely Biotin which is crucial for making your hair healthier. I also suggest trimming your split ends so that your hair can breathe. Also, use an oil to seal moisture and keep your hair healthy. I use a natural brand made from pure argan oil, it's not greasy and it's smells great, it's called Pro Naturals Hair Repair System.