Huge hair dilemma... so lost with my curls

I have been trying to figure out my curls for years and still no luck. I have very porous, fine 3a/3b hair. The front is half the length of the back of my hair which looks ridiculous. This is thanks to my getting side bangs 5 years ago and a terrible Deva Cut afterwards. I also have layers throughout my hair and it just looks super awkward. I recently got my haircut and the stylist said there's not much she can do about it i just have to let it grow out. But I'm thinking of just chopping it all to one length, even though I know short hair does not look cute on me. I just feel like the front will never catch up to the length of the back of my hair, and I wish it was all one length. How do I fix this? I also forever have split ends and breakage and I can thank that to straightening my hair, but I have no choice because my curls look crazy.My other issue is the high porosity and the fact that my hair gets so dry and frizzy. I have no idea which products to use to fix this. I feel like I have tried so many techniques and oils and products but still nothing. Any suggestions that work for you?

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