How can I get my 2c 3a hair to grow without breaking all the time, even when I get a trim!

I had dreadlocks for eleven years, I used to have medium hair, hight density, but once I cut them all my hair was very damage. I now have very thin hair, medium density. I'm trying to get it long since 4 years, but it doesn't grow more than shoulders size... It breacks all the time, even if I get a trim...  It's difficult for me to find a serum because they all are too heavy for my hair. How can I make it stronger so it can grow normally? Should I look for a dermatologist? My hair is 100% natural, no colour, no heat... 

1 Answer

We have very similar hair! It's important that you know how much moisture and how much protein your hair needs. Try doing the protein test ( ), and then you can find products that will infuse your hair strands with whatever it needs to stay strong and moisturized!