I Have 3b-3c Damaged Hair How Can I Get It To Grow Really Long??

Ive Been Trying To Grow My Hair For Years Now And It Just Wont Grow .And Ontop Of That Its Extremely Uneven All Over I Recently Cut It (Worst Move Ever) Because I Butchered It Even More Then It Was Before. My Hair Is Very Damaged

1 Answer

Ther easiest thing to with damaged hair is to cut it off so healthy hair can grow but it depends how damaged your hair is , because dry damaged hair can be fixed with deep conditioning and the right treatment over time but it seems heat damage isn't easy to fix , I've seen many youtubers decide to cut off heat damaged hair but personally I've never experienced heat damaged hair because I had relaxed my hair. But look at your hair and see if still curls and all but I don't know what stage of damaged hair is the stage where you need to cut it off.