I have 3b/3c hair thats highly porous and I need help to grow it out

hey guys, my hair is always so dry no matter what products I put. I want to grow it back out but it's always so dry and keeps splitting at the ends so I don't get the chance to. However, I really need help to find a great moisturizing brand of products to use after washing and im not sure if my Shea moisture Shea butter brand items are still good for my hair. I just really want it to be thick and long again. I just need some help :( 

1 Answer

I had the same problem. I used a mixture of Aussie Moist conditioner, some water, and coconut oil and I blended it together with an electric mixer and put it in a glass jar for a fluffy leave in and/or deep conditioner. If you want something lighter you can add more water and use it in a spray bottle. This works wonders for my hair and I hope it helps yours! I didn't use measurements I just did what I felt as best for my hair but I'll give some approximations. Customize the measurements depending on your hair needs and personal preference.Measurements:1 cup  Aussie moist  or your favorite conditioner (less if you're making the spray) 3-4 tbs. water (more if you're making the spray)2-3 tbs. coconut oil