what can I do to get my 3C curl pattern back after overprocessed bleach damage

over process hair, bleach damage

2 Answers

Unfortunately, you cannot. Once hair is damaged, it cannot be repaired because hair isn't living. Prevention in the best medicine for hair damage. I'd recommend laying off the heat and chemicals, and either transitioning or doing a big chop. I prefer the big chop method, as it gets all of the damage literally off your shoulders, and you can start fresh. Though people afraid to lose length often prefer transitioning, where you treat your hair the best you can while cutting off little bits as it grows out.
THERE IS HOPE! I had been straightening my hair and dying it ombré for years until I had decided to go natural and transition my hair. Granted I have been transitioning for 6+ months now, my curls have gone from a 2c/3a curl to a 3b/3c curl pattern. Weekly hot oil, protein and deep conditioning treatments have given my hair life. I have laid off the straightening all together and opted for diffusing. A few trims here and there and voila!!! Look into the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment and the Aphogee 2 min reconstructor treatment for your protein. As well as any good deep conditioning treatment you can put on your hair and sit under a heated cap for about half an hour and your hair will change! Consistency is key and I did not have to do the big chop!