I have 3c/4a coarse hair. What can I use to moisturize and keep my hair from breaking?

When I put products in my hair my hair is moisturized and soft. But right after it gets dry and oily (cause I put oil mixture in my hair). And I have to keep my hair in a bun (I'm in the service). Also after I take my hair out, it gets tangled in the hair tie. And my hair breaks off cause I have to pull it out. I have super thick hair and a mixture of course and fine hair as well. 

2 Answers

Thanks for serving our country!What products do you use and are you outside often? I'm thinking two thing could be going on here. 1) The elements are zapping the moisture from your hair2) The products you use have glycerin which could potentially leave hair dry.You may not be using a moisturizer that's heavy enough to keep up with your being in the service. As far as breakage goes- Keep scissor handy. Cutting the few strands that get tangled in the hair tie is much better than pulling it out. Pulling=damage and breakage. Cutting=blunt even ends=healthy hair in the long run. Not sure if you have access to these things but they don't tangle in my hair at all ( http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/studio-35-hair-tie-headwraps/ID=prod6198799-product )
I use the LOC method: water or Aloe vera juice,  coconut oil or a mixture of oils,  shea butter cream.Also I have thick hair,  how do I get my hair shinier? It gets shiny and it looks nicer when it's wet but then after it dries it looks not shiny