I have 4a hair and it is always dry and doesn't grow. What can I do to retain moisture and growth.

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It's a bit hard to answer your question without details.Hair that isn't growing is normally due to breakage caused by over manipulation, heat damage or chemical damage.  This means your hair will break mid-way down the shaft. So when you wash your hair you will find lots of broken ends.  If this is the case you need to look at the products you are using,  how you are using them and how you are manipulating your hair. Then you then need to find a better way of doing it.  For example if you comb your hair dry from root to tip with a fine tooth comb then it's going to break. However if you put your hair in sections, put conditioner on your hair and gentle untangle your hair starting at the tip and working back to the roots starting with your fingers, then a wide tooth comb and if you must a fine tooth comb your hair is less likely to break. In a few cases lack of hair growth can be due to medical problems  but you would also have other symptoms like increased fatigue,  frequent thirst or brittle nails. If this is the case you should go to see a doctor and get checked out.If your hair is breaking due
I have 4a/4b hair as well. I've recently found a new way to moisturize my hair that really defines my curls too. I take a spray bottle & add coconut oil (in its solid form) & about two quarter size squirts of Ausie Moist conditioner. Depending on how much moisture your hair needs you can add more or less oil & conditioner. I then add warm water & shake it all up. This is a GREAT detangler! I choose to soak my hair with the mixture & then put one of my other conditioners on top & then put on a plastic cap under heat. Hope this helps (:
You have to find a product that works best in your hair. If you look at what is in most commercial products you would see that it has drying ingredients such as alcohol. Sometimes changing up your hair care routine by only putting natural ingredients is the best way to start. This is how Inwas able to get my hair to it's healthiest. I would do ACV rinses and use cowash with MicMas Remix that I bought at www.micmasremix.com and Amazon. They only use organic and natural ingredients and not only is my hair much healthier but its growing better, too.