I have 4b/4c hair and im experiencing bad breakage HELP

I did the big chop 2years ago. My hair started growing like crazy. I started wearing weaves and then my hair was at a standstill and now im experiencing breakage. I dont know what im doing wrong or what i should do. I really REALLY need/want help to grow my hair.

2 Answers

Hi. When did you first start experiencing breakage. Was it after you took your weave out or before? Your hair may just be a bit damaged from not getting properly conditioned and washed for a while after the weave. I'd recommend LeKair cholesterol treatment, or any conditioner with hyrdrolyzed wheat protein in the first 5 ingredients, if your hair can handle protein.Also, trim off split ends and knotted ends. Those will just worsen over time and lead to more breakage.Get some moisture in your hair. When my hair was damaged I would spray my hair with water, apply some Blue Magic (yes, hair grease!) and sit with a plastic cap for a couple of hours in the evening. once or twice a week. That helped my hair a lot.Styling- try doing styles that aren't too much manipulation, such as Goddess braids/ twists (if the breakage is not at the hair line/ puffs or just out with a hair band etc.. switch between styles each week  so you're not putting tension on the same places all the time.Tea rinses: try black tea as a rinse after you rinse out your conditioner. Some say it helps stop hair fall.Hope that helps x
I would focus on low manipulation/protective styles for a while. And while your hair is in the protective style,use products geared towards deep moisture, scalp care,etc. Maybe wear your hair in braids (not tight) and use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on your scalp and stick with protecting your hair for a while. Trim in between new styles, and don't leave styles in for too long. Massage your scalp often to stimulate blood flow etc. I'd avoid weaves altogether. Weaves caused much damage to my hair where others hair grew tremendously. They just weren't for me.