I have 4c hair and it doesn't have much definition. Can you please help me get definition?

I want to have definition and make my curls look better and cuter than they are when I do twist outs and Bantu knot outs which always end up horrible. I need help. And can you suggest products. Thanks curlies.

2 Answers

You might try 100% pure aloe vera gel (try a natural food store or some grocery stores to get the kind that you can drink). It is moisturizing and makes coils come out nicely. You can also use it to define your twist outs or braid outs. If you haven't already, try watching some tutorials on twist outs and braid outs for more ideas on how to improve yours. Sometimes it just takes practice.You can also try Eco Styler gel. But make sure with any of these gels that you moisturize well underneath with a moisturizer that mixes well with your gel (doesn't increase dry flaking of the products when dry). Another gel, As I Am Curling Jelly Coil and Curl Definer (great for softness moisture and definition). For your wash and gos, use a good amount of gel and smooth it onto sections of soaking wet hair. Then shake you head (your hair should move if it has the right amount of gel and water in it) to enhance/separate the coils.When you want to do a wash and go, don't comb your hair with a wide tooth comb in the shower or at all before styling. Use your cleanser or co-wash and condition your hair. Only use your fingers to comb through your hair under the water and add your leave-in conditioner in the shower while your hair is soaking wet or better get a conditioner that you can both leave in and rinse out, one that you notice clumps and curls your coils so that you can rinse lightly under the water or just splash a bit of water over your head with the conditioner in (Aussie Moist is good for this, but only if you wash your hair often, like every 2-3 days because of product buildup). Use a lot of conditioner. Your curls will pop more this way and you won't disturb your nice coil-pattern clumping with a comb. Do not rake the gel through, just smooth it on section by section.Some tips to get better results with twisted/braided styles:Make sure your hair is freshly detangled (either after cleansing or you could use oil to dry detangle) Dry detangling is useful if you want to try your twist out on dry stretched hair, which I would recommend (if you just washed detangled and braided up your hair to stretch it, you don't need to re-detangle before you try your twist out or braid out on that stretched hair. Make sense?). You might get better results with the dry styling. Just use a little of the aloe vera gel and maybe some oil or butter on each section. example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=349EvTPoyVE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjkZCm7CfYwIf you style from wet hair, make sure your hair is fully dry before taking it out. Be care as you take out the braids or twists. Carefully separate pieces in the places they already seem to want to separate. This will reduce frizzing and save the curls. While you are creating your style, be sure to smooth the hair in your hand as you braid or twist it. You can even use a detangling brush like a Denman with some of the teeth removed to smooth each section before twisting/braiding.  I hope all that helps!
try a leave in conditioner or was your hair without drying it and put it in a bun. In the morning it should have pretty defined curls