How often should I do an ACV rinse? I use DIY deep conditioner with avocado weekly, is this too much

My DIY deep conditioner, I use an avocado, raw organic honey, organic coconut oil, coconut milk, vitamin E oil and olive oil and aloe Vera water. I use this once a week. Wanting to know if this is too much with regards to the protein. I use aphogee protein treatment every 6-8 weeks as needed. Also wondering how often to do an ACV rinse and what is excessive. My hair has grown, previously ear length now at the bottom of my neck. Wondering if I'm doing too much for moisture/protein balance. I co-wash weekly, deep condition, leave in conditioner, seal with coconut oil and then use Shea moisture curl and style milk and then stylers (gel/mousse - Shea moisture brand/Lotta Body brand). I shampoo with Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus line once a month.  ACV rinse weekly until today. Picture is growth in a month and the other was the very beginning of my transition. 

1 Answer

Hi Lovingmycurls2, I would pay attention to your curls to know whether or not they are being over-moisturized. Do your curls feel really limp and gummy in the shower? Or does your hair not return to its normal curl after pulling on it? If so, you may be over conditioning. I'd check out this article to learn more about "hygral fatigue." In regards to your question about ACV rinses, they achieve two different things. ACV is great for removing buildup and restoring the natural pH balance of your hair. It's also great for closing up the cuticle, thus giving hair that shiny soft feeling. I would do an ACV rinse as needed, and not on a regular basis. It's really a treatment for whenever your hair is feeling sticky, or when you have product buildup. Treat it like a clarifyer. Hope that helps!