I am trying to grow out a texturizer and avoid a big chop. Welccome tips, suggestions.

I had natural 3b hair for 28yrs, ringlet curls, manageable with a fair amount of shrinkage.  I decided on a whim to put a texturizer in in December of  2012. I hate it. Immediately I hated it. I never texturized again. I cut half of my hair off in June 2013 because it was crap, half curly half straight. I want nothing to do with a texturizer. My face is extremely round, and I dont think I can pull off a big chop. So Im trying to grow my hair as much as possible. Should I just bite the bullet and do the chop, are there specific products recommended for damaged texturized hair. I have mucho breakage, my curls are growing back but it seems like its growing so slowly.  Besides patience is there anything else I can do to help this process along.Thank  you!!!

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im growing out heat damage at the moment and this is what i do. i do a scalp massage every 3 to 4 days with castor oil. i also cut about an inch or more off every 2 months. its growing faster than it ever has.
Here are some tips for transitioners >> http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/kinky-hair-type-4a/how-to-go-natural-transitioning-tips-for-beginnersincrease how many times you do a deep conditioning treatment, and try to use conditioners with a bit of protein in them. Texturizers/relaxers strip the hair of protein so it can flatten out more and be wavier/straighter, so you need to give your hair back the protein it lost. I think this one would be good. You can read the reviews and see for yourself >> http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlproducts/view/3017/aubrey-organics-glycogen-protein-balancing-gpb-conditionerOther than that, curly_mamacita gave a good tip about cutting your hair little by little. soon enough it will all be your natural hair texture. Good luck!
Make sure to regularly keep your hair moisturized with a weekly deep condition and daily moisturizer, use low manipulation styles and trim your ends at the rate that your hair grows in order to avoiding splits that could recede up your strands.
You have beautiful hair! Lots of conditioning... that's my rec.