Should I apply a deep penetrating protein treatment before or after coloring my hair

I've decided I want to color my hair with some copper halo complementary highlights (no bleaching involved). I'm not sure if I should apply a deep penetrating protein treatment (i.e. Aphogee 2 Step treatment) prior to the coloring process or after the coloring process. It would seem that applying before would give the strands some strength to withstand the process but I'm not sure and don't want to stress my hair out by having to do a second protein treatment.

2 Answers

deep moisturizing mask before & protein after since your hair will be more damaged, hydrating the hair before hand with help minimize the damage and doing a protein treatment will help reapair the damage 
This is a great question! Have you sought advice from a licensed cosmetologist? Remember, color absorbs best when the hair is free of product but the color needs to be applied on dry hair so consider washing your hair 2-3 days prior to the color application and wear naked hair. Trust me, your hair will be ok if you already take care of it (i.e. weekly deep conditioner, moisturizing, little to no heat, etc.). We did a naked hair day at the office and loved it. Tell us how your color goes!