How do I get my bangs to curl like the rest of my hair after years of straigtening them?

Hello everyone, I have type 3B hair (I think??) and was never taught to embrace it. From age 4, my mom cut bangs into my hair and straightened them everyday, I continued this pattern throughout my teenage years. I am now a senior in high school who still continuously straightens her bangs with a straightener. However, I just want to rock all my hair naturally and fully embrace its naturality. I have tried this process but my bangs just won't curl like the rest of my hair... they are more wavy than curly and it just looks extremely off. Any suggestions for getting my bangs back to their natural state? Thank you very much.

1 Answer

Time. I know, it's a rubbish answer but it will take time. It sounds like you're taking good care of your hair now which is good. You could try using very skinny curling rods (you put them in before you go to sleep) to try and give it a little curl, but it'll just take a while. Ten years on my bangs are just starting to curl up like the rest of my hair!