I believe I have over moisturized my hair with the Loc method, how to fix this?

Is it possible to moisturize the hair with only a hair moisturizing cream/ lotion? Or is that not enough? Also do I need to cowash in between wash days if its drying my hair out? Lastly is it important to Deep condition every week or should I only do it when I wash which is every two weeks?My hair has become dryer since I started washing every two weeks and co washing in between and also dc every week. It became even dry with the loc method I believe i have washed too much and moisturized too much.Ive done a lot of research but im believe some of these techniques are only for certain hair types.

1 Answer

when you over moisturize your hair it feels mushy and when it breaks it almost stretches apart.  It sounds to me like your hair is dry wich can actually happen when washed (yes even cowashed) to often you need to allow some of your natural oils to build up if you wash every 2 weeks thats probably enough washing especially if you deep condition that week . And when styling make sure to use a water based leave in conditioner followed by some type of sealent wether thats a cream butter or oil.☆For inspiration and hair tips follow me on instagram @tokesgreen☆