I have big problem! with moisturizing hair :(

hey guys!! … i moisturize my hair steadily with good products but it behaves rudely.  It doesn't absorb the moisture. The moisture is kept to the hair strand without being absorbed. And it also appears rough and without a shine  ..  i tried a lot of products but it behaves the same It cause me alot of problems as split ends and when i go tp the hairdresser he/she say that my hair is so tough and if i put any product in it because it feels sticky but i didn't Info: my hair is 3c, thick hair Can anyone help??  

1 Answer

Hi. So to me it sounds like you have low porosity hair. Low porosity hair doesn't allow moisture in or out easily. The best thing I can tel you to do is to make sure you seal your hair with oils coconut oil (my favorite), avocado oil, grapeseed oil, etc . I really hope this helps.