I bike m-f. Helmet causes frizz & ruins curl def. What do you recommend for haircare and fab curls?

I commute to work on a bicycle every week. I have 3c /3b curls that are bra strap length and waist length when stretched. I use the devacurl line with the gel and it makes my hair look fab! I love my wash and gos. I stopped trying to do wash and gos or do cute hairstyles to wear at work because my curl definition gets ruined by wrapping hair under the helmet. I usually do a low bun because attempting to put all hair under would make my helmet be worn improperly. I want to be safe and I want fabulous hair (again). Any recommendations? 

2 Answers

It's just an idea but have tried wearing you satin bonnet or satin scarf underneath the helmet, it may help reducing frizz.x
You can try getting a larger sized helmet, put some product in your hair, and then put all of your hair inside of the helmet (as if you were plopping with a t-shirt).  Or actually plop with a t-shirt then put the helmet on top.  The sweat from the ride will probably produce a good amount of moisture as well so you will be taking care of yourself (helmet), your body (exercise), and your hair (moisture) all at the same time.