I bleach, but my hair hasn't been dry until recently. Nothing is helping, any tips?

I've tried coconut oil mask, leave in conditioner, I even put Vaseline in my hair to see if it would do anything. I think it might have something to do with the temp outside. It has sky rocketed to around the 80s. I switched conditioner because after a while of using certain products my skin/hair won't take to them anymore. My hair feels like staw,  and when slightly wet sticks horribly and tangles. It is very unusual. Please help me out. 

2 Answers

I want to recommend on the post to take back what I said .Please do not use a protein treatment for bleached . I'm sorry I may have mislead you but I realized that when hair is bleached , it's needs more moisture than anything . For right now , I would strictly stay away from protein unless your hair is "mushy" Since your hair feels like straw, I would stick to a lot of deep conditioning .