Can I blow dry on a low setting with cool air? Or would that be damaging?

3 Answers

Blow drying on the cool setting shouldn't cause any damage, make sure you are using a diffuser attachment so it can cut down on the frizz and enhance your curls more. I use mine on low and medium heat about twice a week because I don't have the patience to use the cool setting (my hair takes forever to dry lol), I haven't noticed any significant heat damage, but it all depends on your hair. I linked my favorite blow dying method below:
Yes , its safe on low heat... Thats what I do to my roots. Works great, except I do not like the diffuser , similar to youtuber Shalimar cat , the diffuser causes frizz on my 2b fine hair . So I blow dry gently, no diffuser attachment on low.
Hi,Yes. You can use the blow dryer on minimum. But that also using regularly will damage the hair.