How can I bring my curls back?

Hi, I am 16-17 and I've just recently gone natural again. My hair is extremely dry, And I have heat damage. I can see some of the formed curls in the back of my hair, but in the front it's extremely dry. I recently took off about 3 inches to get rid of heat damage but still the curls aren't forming like they should. I use Shae moisture, kinky curly knot today, and coconut oil; these products soften my hair but curls do not form. I twist my hair every night after moisturizing it, and this seems to be doing well except it gets dry towards the afternoon. I am getting extremely fusturated with my hair and I wanna give up and go back to putting heat on my hair. Please help I wanna keep my hair healthy.

1 Answer

It takes time (and patience) for your hair to recover after using heat for a long time, but what I can say is: moisturize. Have you tried deep conditioning? I suggest you get a deep conditioning mask and try it out once a week. Protein treatments also help, but those can't be done very often or they will weigh your hair down.Other than that, you just need to be patient, because it really takes a long time for our hair to come back to its natural shape (I stopped relaxing mine in 2014 and it still hasn't recovered completely). Stay strong, girl :)