How can I bring back or make my heat damaged 2b curls back? Right now they're stringy at the back?

About 2 years ago I always straightened my hair especially at a high temperature from the sides of my head towards the back and now it's just the part that  frames my face that's curly and the rest is like frizzy straight-ish at the top then it gets slightly wavy towards the bottom. Please tell me what to do to get it curly/wavy again and with less frizz. I use herbal essences hello hydration but it's been a while and I don't think it's doing much anymore, I deep condition at least once every two weeks but it doesn't last very long, after I shower I blot my hair then when it's air dried I apply Moroccan Argan oil but after 10 minutes my hair looks dry and frizzy again, then I just French plait my hair and then the oil works and my hair is more waiver.

3 Answers

You can't recover from heat damage, you need to grow the hair out and eventually cut it.
yes you can actually. It's happened to my own hair. my advice to you is this: LEAVE IT ALONE, and shampoo a lot less often. you wanna know what the BEST oil for your hair is...? guess it...JUUUST GUESS! your own natural oils!... gross?... not really. lemme tell you what; coconut oil. or rosemary oil (although i prefer coconut oil; much more affordable) honey and witchazel. It will keep fungus and bacteria from developing and balances ph. it makes your scalp happy. (but DONT USE TOO MUCH of any, and don't leave the honey in) this will be so that you wont have to wash it so much AND its good for your hair as well, so that you can give your hair a chance to recover before you just wash all those natural oils away again... me personally... i don't even use shampoo... but that's just me...
What carribeancurlz said, you can't recover from heat damage. Once it's damaged it's damaged. Something you can and need to do is moisturize your hair to remain the healthy parts of your hair. Leaving it alone will not help, especially when it's a type 3 or higher. If it's really damaged you need to trim your hair. Once that's done you can start fresh. About the deep conditioninig, you could try to do it once a week. You have to make your own routine. What is your hair type? You said that you put argan oil in your hair almost straight out of the shower. Have you tried adding a leave in conditioner to it first? If your hair is a type 3 or higher I advise you to take a look at the Loc or Lco method. If you have type 2 then you could look at some lighter leave in conditioners.