How should I be brushing my hair???

I've just started the CG method and I am confused as it says to stay away from brushes. I have done this for the past week (2 washes) and have used my fingers to brush through the curls when wet but they are still feeling knotty and my scalp has become itchy through not brushing it. I have fine 3a hair however it has been quite damaged over the years so currently it looks more like 2c hair.Is it important to not brush it? Or is there something I'm not doing right? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

2 Answers

Hi daisy! I have 2a-2b type of hair. 3c is quite curly so the way to brush it is basically start at the ends of the hair and work your way up. Also spraying the brush with hairspray can reduce frizz. For the damage i reccomend adding in a few layers at the salon. If you wanna go DIY them put your hair on top of of your head in a ponytail. Pull the elastick up about 1 inch to the ends to cut it off. This wont remove length. Or you can just trim the ends and get proteintreatments. Best to cut hair wet. Bye!
 I tried the curly girl method awhile ago and honestly it just caused my hair to start dreading over near the crown, it was horrible! I found that using a high quality wide tooth comb after liberally applying moisturizer, detangler, or both really helped my hair grow! I'd say that as long as you take proper care to be gentle with a high quality comb instead of a brush, it won't cause any breakage to your hair.